Finally, the game your finger was always meant to play.

The good folks at the Lazy Hitch Ranch need your help. The grass at the ranch is green and the cows aren't there to eat it.

That's where you, and your finger, can help.

Swipe a cow to move and steer it. Use your finger as a lasso to move more than one cow. It won't take long to get a big herd moving.

But, getting the cows moving is the easy part. Keeping them safe and getting them all to the corral can be tricky.

The trail can be a dangerous place. Boulders, rattlesnakes and gophers can hurt your cows if you run into or over them. Rustlers like to set sneaky traps to try and separate cows from your herd.

But you'll be well-rewarded for getting your cows back to the corral. How long before you become a Cattle Baron?

When you purchase the game for $1.99 you'll never be harassed to cough up more dough in the future. No charges for new levels, upgrades, or any new feature that may find its way into the game down the road.


  • 6 challenging levels to unlock and master
  • Game Center leaderboard - Battle your friends to see who can bring home the most cows
  • 24 Game Center Achievements to unlock
  • Great music
  • Kid friendly
  • Looks great on iPad or iPhone
  • Cheap! $1.99 for whole lot of fun

Keep an eye on this spot for updates about future development. We've got the next version in progress and will post the new features as it gets closer to release!

Action Packed!

Magnetic Development is a small development company located in Portland, Oregon founded by Mark Baldwin to put out fun, interesting games for your mobile devices.

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